Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Nothing's Sweeter Than Summer Time and American Honey

Maybe the title of this blog can help explain why I have not blogged in over a month. Nothing has been sweeter than the summer time here in America. Grant it I have never experienced a full summer in any other country, but a year from today it will be the case. I am trying to absorb as much of my "American life" as possible. My thoughts on things have changed so much. I don't just think about life here. I think about my life here and how my life will change living out in the U.A.E.
My Peach Buell Bell Ice Cream
 One thing that comes to my mind immediately that I have not blogged about is Fourth of July. America's Independence Day. Seeing as how that is an American holiday, this past one of 2011 will have to hold me up for the next two years. This year though I didn't just see it as another time to celebrate with fireworks at night. Actually due to the drought there were no fireworks in the locations I was at. I spent the whole day thinking how much I love being an American and how grateful I am for those soldiers who are out there fighting for the freedom I have today. Realizing how much I have taken these things for granted the past 26 years of my life. For my Independence Day I spent it relaxing without much with an agenda. I had an awesome dinner and great conversation with a lot of laughter. I couldn't have thought of any other way I'd like to have spent my day. We had a great American dinner of hamburgers and peach Buell Bell ice cream ( I think that this is more Texas).
Proud to be an American
  So going into July I spent about a week in Houston checking out some things that it had to offer. I had quite a bit of fun while I was there and very grateful that I did it. I may not have traveled as much this summer as I usually do (due to expenses), but it was a nice get away from "my reality". One thing that I also realized as I drove to the East side of Texas is how much I will miss trees. There are trees every where here in the hill country but, they are huge going to the East side of Texas. It's so breath taking. I will miss the greenery of Texas and hope to enjoy the desert on the other side of the world.
Driving to East Texas
 Off my list of accomplishments for the summer; I was able to complete " Going to the Lake". I didn't care which lake. Austin, Houston, Dallas....I just wanted to go to a lake. I have not seen on a map or have I heard of any lakes out in the Middle East. Beaches yes, but not lakes. I was invited to spend a day at Lake Austin on a Saturday. What a wonderful day to spend my Saturday. Nothing to do except feel the wind breeze through my hair and feel the cool water on my skin. It was so refreshing and wonderful to get to go out and spend a day on the lake. I'm not sure that even if there were lakes out in the U.A.E that it would be spent the same way that "Americans" spend their days out on the lake. Hanging out on a boat, swimming, skiing, wake boarding, and various other activities. There's a possibility that I am wrong on this. It's the unknown right now, but will become my life within the next few weeks.
Lake Austin on a Saturday
 Another event that I think was a huge one for me was watching on T.V. the Shuttle Atlantis fly off into space for the very last time in history. Coming back to the United States in the next two years; NASA's programs will no longer be the same. I'm a nerd and love the whole NASA program. Maybe if I wouldn't have missed my field trip in fifth grade to NASA I could possibly be an astronaut today. I love being a teacher and wouldn't change it for the world, but the possibilities are endless and you just never know.
One of the Emirate Stamps
 During this time of not blogging I have even made some more updates with getting my self set up to move out into the U.A.E. My documents finally came back from Washington. They are actually very cool. Hilary Clinton signed them "officially". No stamp with a's a real signature that she had to do. She had to confirm my documents herself and sign her name at the bottom to verify. The documents also have the U.A.E. stamp which I also find to be very intriguing. It makes the process seem more real. The stamps let me know that this is my life and pretty soon its going to happen.
Documents from Washington
  Speaking of that, they are already quite a few people who have received their "golden ticket"(flights to the Emirates). They are already flying out as soon as next week on August 3rd. Then you have the rest of us who are patiently waiting for our "golden ticket". They say that we may not know even until the day before we flight out when we will leave the states. I am hoping for more notification than that, but have already started packing my clothes into my duffle bags just in case. I'm also trying to make sure that I am sqaured away with all technology and different ways that I hope to communicate with family and friends. I have also practiced Skpye and I love it. It's a wonderful feature for families who live far away. I should have had Skype for many years now....I don't know why I didn't. It's too much fun and too simple to use to have not had it all this time.
  I have to admit though, that this Summer has not all been a walk through the park. It's had it's struggles and questions. Loss of friendships, deaths,loss of jobs/income, and illnesses. The Summer has also been quite a struggle and assume that I am being prepared for the tough road to come in my future. Moving to a new country will also not be a walk in the park much like my Summer. Maybe since I have been able to make it through these summer struggles, then I can fight through the tough months in a new country. I am doing my best to prepare for the road ahead, but nothing really prepares you like experience does. I am grateful for all these struggles that I have been a part of because they have all made me stronger, wiser, and not to take life for granted.
 So needless to say so much has happened in a month and I know that there was more I had wanted to put into this blog. I'm going to get better at my blog updates. There's just to much happening right now to not blog.
  Thank you all so much for reading my blog as well. I have discovered many people who read my blog. Please feel free to read and even share with loved ones. I hope that everyone will get a better understanding of what I am going through by reading this blog. Also, leave a comment so I know you have visited if you'd like and feel free to ask questions. My hope is to be able to answer them whether now or even in the next few months.
"Couldn't wait to get going, but wasn't ready to leave.....American honey"
                               Lady Antebellum-American Honey