Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Finally Feeling Human....Ahhh!

So, I had been doing a wonderful job the past three months of composing myself and keeping it all together. Well now after all this's hitting....stress has arrived. Could it be due to the fact that I am scheduled to move in five days?!? I'm thinking yes! I have done most of my packing in both the classroom and apartment, but still wonder if I will have it all completed in time. Haha so why am I ever posting on this blog? I guess this is my way of letting out the stress.
   On top of all of this I am stressed out about getting all my documents notarized, then sent out, received, and then sent back out...(takes a deep breath) all in time. I'm doing my best to take it a day at a time, but seem to be focusing more on the move right now. I figure once I move to Austin I can then start worrying again about getting all my documents authenticated. Then I think " No, there's no time to waste!"
   See getting all my documents done an turned in on time plays a crucial role as to whether or not I will have the job. I mean the contract is signed and what not, but I have quickly learned that in order to work in "a whole new world" (Jasmine and Aladdin reference :P) you really have to have *a lot* of documentation done to prove that you are really a professional at what you do. In the long run it makes total sense, but right now is a total pain! I can't wait for this move to be over. That way a hundred and fifty percent of my focus can go on this new job. There is a million and one things to think about, to buy, to research, over all to get done before my departure date in August.
  It's also rough trying to balance my last few days of packing with the last moments to spend with people who love and care about me, as reciprocated. I work with so many people and feel blessed for the bonds that we have made together in the past three years. It's been my first job as a professional and have met so many wonderful people through this experience. I just hope that everyone who I have met here knows how much they have touched my life and how they have *all* made me feel so welcomed. I know that these friendships will be long lasting. My move will be a very bittersweet ending. I trust that everyone knows I'm doing my best to manage my time and am hoping to spend some time with each and everyone of you before I leave. We have only five more days...let's get moving!!!
  So... yeah all in all I have a lot on my plate with packing, moving and still trying to manage getting all my documents done in time for an opportunity of a lifetime. Ahh stressed, but it will only make me stronger :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starting a New Adventure

Wow! It's amazing how life can change from a year to the next, a month to the next, and in my case from a day to the next. So many things have led me to this journey I am about to go on. All perfectly planned by someone above who loves me. I never would have dreamed that my dreams could actually come true. I'm going to get to live my life like I was dying (reference to Tim McGraw song).
  For those of you who are still unaware, because I have been so crazy busy to make the time to tell all the people I know and love.....I'm moving in two months to Abu Dhabi or more like that United Arab Emirates. This is out in the Middle East and many many many hours away from the people I know and love. I stumbled upon this opportunity only after making a life changing decision alone to resign from my current teaching position. This is a job that I love with all my heart. I prayed and prayed not sure if I resigning was going to be doing the right thing for myself. It was either security or "fulfillment" of happiness. After many restless nights and hours of praying I decided to resign and leave the position for someone who was loosing theirs and wanted to spend the rest of their lives in my current city.
  I went through a month of grueling applications for all sorts of jobs from teaching to being taught to follow specific directions. No one was hiring me, I questioned whether I done the right thing for myself. I had many dreams of all the unthinkable and horrible that could happen to me while being jobless. Some of it had even come true within those weeks. My spending was back like how it use to be when I was in college, saving every dime and cutting all corners for the fact that my income would soon come to an end. One day while taking a break from packing I saw the Houston cable news and a lady taking about how she was going to move to Abu Dhabi to teach. I became intrigued seeing as how my options were open for *anything* at this point of my life. As soon as I heard that I could take my dog Romo, I was sold! I quickly checked things out and began to apply. Then...I chickened out, I didn't know if I could do it. Was I equipped to move so far away? Could I leave all the ones I loved behind? Would they even say "yes"? So with all these questions in mind I didn't apply. I left it knowing I had some days to think about it until I really needed to apply. After discussing this with many co-workers they all gave me the extra push I needed and helped me confirm that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and on top of it all *now is the time!* I'm why not?!
  After getting my last and final push I decided to apply, next day received a second application, days later a phone interview, few days later an in person interview, and here I am now with an application ready to sign and just ending a webinar on this whole process and the final things I need to do in order to make sure that this is all completed. My life has changed so quickly in less than a month. I look back at my life from a year or two ago and see how far I've really come.
    I have at least until sometime early August until I head out, but I wanted to start this documentation of my life. Since I've found out the good news many have had questions for me. Some I can answer now and some are yet to be answered. I hope through this many will follow and get to share this unique experience with me. Yes, I'm scared of the unknown, yet so excited of my life yet to come.
  I don't think many believed me when I had discussed taking this adventure with my family and friends. Now some are upset with me and we have not spoken. I hope this will help reach out to those as well. Yes, I know I will be far away for a few years, but I'm here now. Let's spend these next few months we have together before I leave. I've always been a little girl with big dreams...and now I'm chasing them! I hope you enjoy this adventure right along with me.